📢 Elevate Productivity with Colored Tags, Site Connected Date, & More in MainWP 4.4.3

MainWP 4.4.3 - Colored Tags, Site Connected Date, & More

Last week we released exciting updates to MainWP Google Analytics Extension, and today, I am happy to announce MainWP 4.4.3, which brings several enhancements to improve your experience, save time, and boost productivity. 🎉

Here’s a glimpse of what it includes:

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– Colors for Tags

By assigning colors to Tags, you instantly recognize and sort your Child Sites—just a glance at the color scheme, and you’ll know exactly where to find what you need.

This simple yet effective approach lets you stay focused, easily locate sites, and get things done quickly.

Colored Tags & Site Connected Date

Create a Tag

– Create Tags from the Select Sites Section

We have introduced a convenient way to create Tags directly from the Select Sites section, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.

In just a few clicks, you will create Tags and associate them with specific sites without navigating away.

Create Tag Selected Sites

– Introduced Site “Connected” Date

The new site “Connected” date feature displays the date a Child Site was added to your MainWP Dashboard, ensuring a clear and organized overview of all your Child Sites.

With the Connected date and sorting functionality, keeping track of your Child Sites has never been easier.

Colored Tags & Site Connected Date

Starting from MainWP 4.4.3, the site Connected date will automatically appear for newly added sites. You can also set dates for older sites from the “Edit” tab of a Child Site.

Edit Date Child Site

– MainWP on Postman

MainWP is now publicly available on Postman, allowing you to explore and utilize the MainWP REST API endpoints.

We’ve made it simple by providing clear examples demonstrating how to integrate MainWP into your workflows.

Unlock the full potential of MainWP’s API capabilities and easily streamline your processes.

MainWP Postman

Besides these updates, we added support for “Non-MainWP changes” to the REST API and more.

Take a look at the complete changelog.

We believe these additions will significantly enhance user experience, providing more flexibility, customization options, and better organization capabilities.

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