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As someone who manages WordPress sites, you know how important it is to maintain a strong relationship with your clients. To be successful, you need to provide exceptional service and build trust.

With our fully customizable and robust client reporting system, you’ll be able to deliver insights that your clients will love and establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Keeping this in perspective, I am thrilled to announce exciting updates for the MainWP Pro Reports Extension! Our team has been working hard on adding new features and improving existing ones to make report generation and customization easier than ever before.

With these updates, we aim to provide you with a more streamlined and efficient reporting system.

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Read on to learn more about the added features and improvements we have introduced in the latest Pro Reports Extension.

– Added Support for More Data

The MainWP Pro Reports Extension now offers even more data from Child Sites and various Extensions. This includes Uptime & Domain monitoring, Wordfence, iThemes Security, Jetpack Protect, and more.

This means you can now create even more comprehensive reports that showcase a broader range of information to your clients.

This will help you to build trust and credibility with your clients, as they see the level of detail and attention you put into managing their websites.

Report Data

– New Default Template

The default template in MainWP Pro Reports Extension has been updated with a fresh look to make your reports even more visually appealing.

With this redesign, your reports will have a modern and professional appearance from the outset, allowing you to make a great impression right from the start.

New Report Template

– More Styling Options

With MainWP Pro Reports’ new color customization and styling options, you can add a more personal touch to your reports.

Choose from a range of colors for the background, table header, border, and more to create a report that is truly your own.

Custom Branding

Auto-install MainWP Child Reports Plugin

To ensure the Pro Reports Extension fetches updates from your Child Sites, it’s essential to have the MainWP Child Reports plugin installed on your Child Sites.

The latest updates to MainWP Dashboard (v4.4.2) allows you to quickly install the Child Reports plugin by selecting the Child Sites while installing the Pro Reports Extension.

Auto Install Child Reports Plugin

– Create Reports by Client Selection

With this new update, you’ll be able to select specific Client(s), making it simpler and faster to generate reports of all the Child Sites of a client.

Whether you’re managing multiple clients or simply want to streamline your reporting process, this feature is designed to make your job easier.

Filter Sites Tags/Clients

– Set Filename for PDF Attachment

With the latest MainWP Pro Reports Extension, you can now set a filename for your PDF attachment.

This allows you to create a more personalized experience for your clients and ensures that your branding is consistent across all your reports.

Report File Name

– Cleaned the Template Selection

MainWP Pro Reports’ template selection process has been improved to provide a more streamlined experience.

The addition of a “See Template Info” button allows you to quickly preview each template and choose the one that best suits your reports.

Reports Template Preview

– Report Data Available in Emails

Elevate your client reporting by utilizing built-in Tokens within the email body. This powerful feature enables you to maximize the impact of your reports and make them even more valuable to your clients.

Additionally, prompt your clients to download the automatically attached PDF for even more detailed information.

Email Reports

– Added REST API Support

The latest version of MainWP Pro Reports Extension has made it even more convenient to access all your reporting data.

That’s because all your data is now accessible via REST API, giving you even greater flexibility and control over how you use your Child Sites’ reporting data.

– Customize Titles, Subtitles, Headings, & More

With the latest Pro Reports Extension (v4.1.1), you can now customize titles, subtitles, and table headings, giving you the flexibility to tailor every aspect of your reports.

This ensures you can create fully personalized and professional reports that you’ll be proud to share with your clients.

Customize Titles, Subtitles, Table Headings, etc.

At MainWP, we are committed to providing YOU with the best client reporting experience. We hope that the latest updates to MainWP Pro Reports Extension will enable you to quickly generate high-quality and fully customizable reports.

If you have any feedback, feel free to add your suggestions to our feedback portal.

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