Over 600,000 WordPress sites rely on the MainWP Plugin for maintenance, and MainWP relies on the Administrators of those sites to remain open-source and profitable. So we don’t want you to just like using the MainWP plugin. We want you to love it.

Here are some of the handpick MainWP Reviews.

MainWP is a great tool for our web design department. We use it to keep track of all the WordPress websites we manage. MainWP makes it easy for us to (partially) automate updates and manage plugins. We definitely recommend it!

Michel Hamer

Director of Operations at B&S Media Internetmarketing

MainWP has helped me scale my WordPress support services to include WordPress software maintenance, which has added a nice amount of additional income to my business. It works beautifully and better than the alternatives.

Steven Doig

WordPress Developer at Webby

As an agency managing many high-value client sites, we can not afford any downtime. Regular security and maintenance updates are a must. The headcount to achieve high-quality service would be much higher if we would not use MainWP. It is clearly THE solution if you are looking for high-quality code, no bugs, and a stable solution for managing trusted client sites. New features are... Read More...

Matthias Exl

Managing Director at Lanaprinzip Publishing e.U.

Years of experience with other WordPress management systems and I finally discovered MainWP. I'm truly impressed. I've been using it for the last 6 months and it's so much easier to manage all my clients websites. I only wish I found it sooner.

Ed Booth

owner/developer at Insight Dezign

MainWP makes it easy to manage our clients' sites and provide the highest level of service. With one dashboard, we can manage website performance, security, updates, and more! It's great to have a system you can rely on, we love it, and the clients love the service we are able to provide with it.

Chris Foti

Owner at Stack Mode Marketing Group

I want to think that we are a little different in this space. Our focus is on the systems that power the website, not the content. We have put together "best of breed" components and tools to accomplish this. One of those tools is MainWP Pro. MainWP gives us a "single pane of glass" that enables us to manage all of our customers' WordPress sites in one place. With... Read More...

Robert Sanderson

Owner at ETRN.com LLC

MainWP was one of the best purchases I've made for my web design and maintenance company. I tried other management tools, and MainWP offered the best performance & support, had more features, and was privacy-centered. It saves me so much time that as my business has grown, I would simply not be able to run it without MainWP.

Sharif Jameel

Owner at CGS Computers

MainWP is the only tool I use EVERY day for my business. I tried a few other services before settling on MainWP almost 8 years ago, and it’s been an enormous time saver. The fact that it’s self-hosted is an important feature for me. I like to be in control of my data. Support is fantastic. Bogdan and the team are always a pleasure to deal with, and their knowledge... Read More...

Dave Cocking

Owner at Monowebdesign

We use various tools for our maintenance customers. Especially MainWP for the overview of customers. MainWP is perfect for managing multiple websites. The backup and maintenance options are flexible and can be used individually by everyone. We have even helped other customers to use this solution for themselves. This tool is indispensable for anyone who manages many of... Read More...

Danny Gerhard

Owner at WPWatchdog.de

We have tested all the tools to make WordPress easy to maintain, and MainWP beats them all for reliability, available tools, and ease of use. For us, it has become a primary tool in our work, allowing us to offer maintenance and security to our clients at a very good level and at a very reasonable price.

Fidel Portillo Cruces

Senior Developer and CEO at Lefty Garage - Online Custom Developers

MainWP has been a game-changer for me in managing multiple websites. It has made the process seamless, efficient, and user-friendly. With the ability to manage all of my sites from a single dashboard, I have saved so much time and effort. The software is constantly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring that my sites are always running smoothly. I... Read More...

Mario Seijo

Owner at Minimo Studio

We've been using MainWP for a few years now, and have been consistently impressed with how MainWP makes it easier for us to manage several hundred WordPress instances. Standard tasks can be completed quickly with it, giving us more time for our customers' non-standard needs.

Carsten Dobschat

CEO at Leo Skull GmbH

MainWP is the perfect solution for me to efficiently manage over 30 sites for my clients. It saves me several hours of time every month! By hosting it on my own server, MainWP is also compliant with the strict data protection rules in Germany and, therefore, the ideal tool for me! Without MainWP, my work would only be half as efficient.

Robin Herold

Owner at Dein WP Doktor

I have been using MainWP for many years now and have managed over 300 websites with it. It saved me countless hours and headaches. Well worth investing in it, and setting it up is quite easy.

Wouter van Nierop

Co-Owner at Agencia Kit Digital

MainWP is probably one of the best strategic choices we've made for our website publishing company and web agency in the last few years! We manage several hundred websites from one place daily without wasting time. Today it would not occur to me not to use MainWP because beyond the time saved on simple tasks allowed by the integrated plugins like backups and mass configuration. The... Read More...

Nicolas Richard

Founder at Oupo

As a 360° WordPress agency, we use MainWP in our daily business for managing WordPress-based websites & online stores of our business partners. The extensions allow us to customize MainWP to our needs and increase efficiency; we don't want to miss it anymore!

Maik Daniel

Founder at Hostbox.io

We started using MainWP in 2017, and it has completely transformed our WordPress design and maintenance business. Offering maintenance gave us a new source of revenue, and completing the tasks for clients is made easy with the tools in MainWP. I can't imagine running our business without it!

Foster D. Coburn III

Owner at Web Design Solutions Unleashed

We have been using different WordPress maintenance solutions through the years, but after we found last year MainWP, everything changed. MainWP has saved us lots of hours daily. We use it for our website care plans and maintenance services. We use MainWP on over 150 websites, and it works perfectly. Now we secure & manage websites, use plugin automation & updates from... Read More...

Michael Mitov

CEO at Deon Designs

I especially love three things about MainWP. 1. the clarity. We offer our maintenance service to over 100 customers, and MainWP saves us a lot of time. 2. the simplicity. The filler of possibilities is big, but it is easy to implement, fantastic. 3. client reports and white-label are perfectly made for WordPress agencies. We can shine in front of our clients.

Gilbert Röhrborn

Owner at wtm-online

I discovered MainWP sometime back in December 2014! I couldn't believe that such a tool existed and was for free. I quickly signed up and have never regretted it and went on to purchase the lifetime license. We totally love the convenience of managing both our internal websites and those of our clients from 1 central place. This has saved us so much time over the years. Then come... Read More...

Theresa Mhlanga

Director at Angel & Walt Hosting

As a web agency creating and managing many websites, it became important for us to find the best way to manage all this from a single place... We discovered MainWP a few years ago... and it was great! But...in our constant quest to find the best tool, we left MainWP many, many times to test other solutions on the market... And we always, ALWAYS, came back to MainWP!! It's been... Read More...

Eric Brulmans

Founder at Be Clicked Agency

MainWP has been a key part of our tool chest to help manage and care for our 300+ client websites. We worked our way through various alternatives over the years and have happily been using MainWP since 2019.

Ron Johnson

Marketing Director at CyberOptik

I only became aware of MainWP a few years ago and could no longer imagine everyday life without it. Keeping an overview and acting quickly is among the most important things when managing online projects. The numerous other features round that off. Many thanks to the MainWP team!

Stefano C. Picco

Owner at spicOne multimedia

MainWP was the best thing I found 8 years ago when I started my company in WordPress support. It saves me so much time managing the updates of the websites of my clients. The MainWP team is also great! Quick support and open for requests of their user base. I hope we can keep working together for many years to come!

Jos Klever

Owner at Jos Klever Web Support

MainWP is a fantastic plugin for WordPress that makes managing multiple websites a breeze. With its powerful features and extensive range of extensions, MainWP is the perfect solution for anyone looking to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. One of the standout features of MainWP is its ability to remotely manage updates, backups, and security... Read More...

Troy Clark

Owner at Texas Fixer

As a business heavily focused on security and compliance within the European Union, MainWP was the perfect solution for us to provide managed website services directly using our own hosting infrastructure. Outside of the ability to self-host the solution, the MainWP support team is one of the most responsive and knowledgeable support teams I have come across to... Read More...

Tony Baker

Managing Director at Tecology Consulting Group

We have been using MainWP for a few years, which has been an integral part of our business. We've checked out other similar services, and this is the one that makes the most sense to us. We value flexibility, privacy, efficiency, and reliability, so it's a no-brainer that we chose MainWP.

Gerson Lacdao

Owner at GSL Web Solutions

We gebruiken de PRO versie van MAINWP voor op dit moment 150+ websites super blij mee en maakt het onderhoud van meerdere website zeer eenvoudig. (We are using the PRO version of MainWP for managing 150+ websites. Super happy! It eases the maintenance of multiple websites from a single dashboard.)

Marco van Ham

Eigenaar, WordPress Expert at Nomaxx.

Simply a fantastic tool. It saves countless hours updating and managing WordPress sites with a friendly and easy-to-use user interface. The free version is excellent, and the extensions that come with paid make it even better. Very responsive support too. I couldn't recommend it higher.

Alex Tester

Owner at Smooth Media Ltd

I have been using MainWP for several years and found it the best tool for managing my website updates and backups. The improvements over the years have made a professional product that is worth every penny. I can't live without MainWP.

Gary Petro

Owner at TerraUtopia

MainWP helps us maintain over 120 client websites every day. As WordPress maintenance specialists, we rely on tools that work reliably and help us deliver on the promises we make to our clients. Before choosing MainWP, we reviewed quite a few other tools. Including competitors like InfiniteWP and ManageWP. Each of these tools disappointed us in different areas or didn't have... Read More...

Heiko Schneider

Owner at WPFellows.com

MainWP is one of the best plugins. It allows us to streamline our day-to-day WordPress operations. One of the best features is the direct integrations with UpDraft, Wordfence, Matomo/Piwik, Uptime Robot, and more. We were looking for a solution to easily and quickly update a large number of websites and landed on MainWP. It saves us a lot of time. Thank you!

Randeep Singh

CEO at WTechy

I have been using MainWP to monitor, update, and manage my clients websites since 2013. I love this software. At any given time, I usually manage between 70-100 WordPress websites. In 2012, I was still logging into each site one at a time, every day, to check for updates. Finding MainWP was a game changer! At the time, my colleague found a different WP management software and tried... Read More...

Jessica Struzik

Owner, Developer at Green Web Design

Customer service and support are truly exceptional. It's a fantastic platform for managing WordPress sites. Highly recommended!

Alexandros Kontinopoulos

Founder - Web Designer at WebTailors

We are making around 2000-3000 dollars extra per month because of MainWP's ability to use our time more effectively. MainWP has saved us 20-25 hours of work per month. I actually bought MainWP believing it could save us 5-10 hours of work per month but it turned out it could reduce time spend on so many different aspects of optimizing processes with multiple WordPress sites.

Laust Kehlet

Owner at KH Online Marketing

MainWP has saved us hours and hours of work on many of our website design projects. I've been able to move clients from template websites to professional websites with the help of MainWP!

Stephen Gagnon

SEO at Code Web

Truly exceptional customer service and support. A great platform to manage WordPress websites. Highly recommended!

Holly Marsden

CEO at Business Cost Saver

As an agency, we are constantly looking for ways to make our work easier while offering higher quality services to our clients. MainWP allows us to securely manage all of our client websites (as well as our own) under one roof, fulfilling repetitive tasks like updating plugins and themes. The robust library of extensions allows us to integrate with Google Analytics, WordFence security, and tons of... Read More...

James LePage

Founder at Isotropic

After using a different solution for years, we've switched to MainWP. We've done quite a bit of research on finding the best alternative and really like the features MainWP is offering. Any serious agency needs a tool like MainWP.

Johannes Klupfel

Director at Cloud Clicks

MainWP is the backbone of my freelance web design business, I use it to help manage client websites and it has saved me so much time. MainWP is a powerful tool while still being quick and easy to set up, making it the best option in its category! Can't imagine working without it!

Steven Orechow

Freelancer at Steven Orechow – Web Designer & Digital Strategist

MainWP has hands down saved hours of time updating plugins and themes for different websites my business manages. I love how it can be installed on a WP install and then allow me to group sites, install updates in one click as well as add our preferred plugins automatically when importing a new website project. Keep up the great work guys!

Alessio Rigoli

Business Owner/Entrepreneur at AGR Technology

We have been using MainWP since 2017. And what can I say? It was the best decision we made. We have 3 agencies and love using MainWP and it makes our workflow extremely easier. What fascinates me the most is the outstanding support. Not only that friendly, competent and fast help is available... No... MainWP also responds to requests conscientiously. One function (to create a backup on all pages with... Read More...

Levent Emektar

Owner at Webdesign Agency Aschaffenburg

MainWP allows us to streamline our day to day WordPress operations, its direct integrations with UpDraft, Wordfence, Matomo/Piwik, Uptime Robot and more. MainWP gives us a one-stop place to be in control of all of our customers WP sites and their relevant configurations.

Michael Tanner

Director at AUO Design

As a growing WordPress Agency I was looking for a way to consolidate the management of my clients websites. After some serious searching, I settled for MainWP - the best of the best. Are you serious about your WordPress Agency and keeping your clients aware of the work you are doing? Join the MainWP family today!

Dameki Clients

Owner at DaMeKi Webservices

Simply Incredible. Having been in the business since 2006 I honestly can't believe its taken me this long to use MainWP. I've always prevented myself from relying too much on a 3rd party for both customer service values and security. But wow, the time saved already within a week of installing, unbelievable, the self hosting of the dashboard is a huge bonus and gives us complete control. Can't recommend... Read More...

Adam Hardingham

Founder at Rivmedia Digital Services

As a digital agency, we depend on a reliable solution to manage our clients' websites. We have tested various tools and found that MainWP is the best solution for us. One of the biggest advantages is the possibility to host MainWP on our own server. We always know where all data is located. Strongly recommended!

Sebastian Lochbronner

Founder at Lochbronner Design Studio

When it comes to maintaining multiple websites, it can very time consuming to log in to many different websites, make essential updates, monitor uptime, perform backups, and to run security scans. MainWP offers that and much more from one central location. When I managed my client sites this was my "must-have" tool. I don't manage anymore, But my warm recommendation is still MainWP.

Matija Kasapovic

Owner at KasaReviews

We were looking for a solution to easily and quickly update a large number of websites. We have found this solution with MainWP. It saves us a lot of time. Thank you!

Tonny Duiveman

Eigenaar at Netfort Marketing en ICT

We use MainWP in our agency for managing dozens of client sites. It is stable, reliable and makes our life a lot easier! In addition to the tremendous amount of time saved in the day to day management of our clients' websites, we also value that it allows easy implementatio nof security enhancements and makes plugin management across many sites much easier. The pricing is also very attractive. We will... Read More...

Joern Herrmann

Owner at Spektrum E

We have just switched from competition to MainWP. That was a certain effort, but it was worth it!

Thorsten Faltings

Founder at Elbnetz GmbH

MainWP has become a valuable asset to our small web design business. Before purchasing any licenses, I contacted support for a few questions, and the response was immediate. The customer service is absolutely stellar, and the functionality of the plugin works seamlessly for multiple site management. If you have used other popular site managers in the past, I strongly encourage you to give this a try.... Read More...

Ben Brown

Owner at Pink Lizard Web

We have been using MainWP for several years and we love it. Our work is much easier with the plugin and we can handle more than 100 WordPress websites! It is a must!

Iñaky Berzal

CEO at Iberzal

I have been using MainWP for several years to manage all of my client WordPress websites. The features have always been good, and over the years they have become even better. I love that MainWP continues to add functionality and ease-of-use to their software.

Rachel Robbins

Owner at Pixel Mountain Web Design LLC

MainWP is such a huge timesaver. I don't know how I could ever maintain clients' websites without it. Highly recommend it!

Matthew Granat

Owner at Granat Design

MainWP makes update process efficient and reliable. Also with it you can report updates to clients and have a nice overall view of sites and their status. Couldn't do without it anymore. Great job!

Katja Lampela

Founder at Lieska-Tuotanto Oy

We have used MainWP for years, and its a joy every day to login and be able to manage all our clients with the ease of MainWP. The Lifetime purchase may have been the best value for money ever for software, considering the thosands of hours used and saved with MainWP in our company.

Jesper Brixen

CTO at MiniMarketing

Flexible and Powerful

Nachum Langsner

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Guru at LocalBizGuru

We have been using MainWP for years for the maintenance of a large number of WordPress websites. Easy to use and provides a lot of overview if you have multiple WordPress websites.

Wilco van der Mark

Developer at B&S Media Internetmarketing

When I first read about MainWP I already knew: I need this! 4 years later we are using it for managing and maintaining 200+ websites. Daily. It saves us a lot of time, it is just fantastic! Keep up the good work folks!


general manager, founder at mo•tech

We have been using MainWP since 2014; we took a little break from it for less than a year testing out ManageWP but we were missing the flexibility, stability and control over our WordPress maintenance tool. So, in Sept 2019, we moved back over 75 sites back to MainWP and it was the best decision we ever make. Why? Because of the amazing support you get! The full team are behind their application and... Read More...

Frederic Sune

CEO at WP Expert

At first I was skeptical of turning my website updates over to a platform like MainWP, preferring to do all the updates manually. Boy, was I wrong! After doing a pilot test on a few sites, I soon got with the program and added all 100+ sites to MainWP. Not only am I able to keep sites updated daily (offering a way better service to my Clients) but I do it in a fraction of the time. I've... Read More...

Scott Gingrich

Partner at Piggybank Marketing

As WordPress Expert and WooCommerce Specialist I offer maintenance and service contracts to business customers. To keep track of updates, perform backups and bulk edit content I was in need of centralized, reliable and powerful management solution. Back in 2014 not much plugins for centralized WordPress management have been available. I tested them all and quickly realized only MainWP could fit... Read More...

Michael Weichselgartner

Founder at mensmaximus

MainWP makes it possible to have a business managing websites for others. I have tried other tools such as ManageWP and InfiniteWP but while those ultimately failed to work and let me down, MainWP has worked reliably and consistently for years. It's the best choice out there for my business.

Tim Colling

President at A Servant's Heart Web Design and Marketing

MainWP is the best WordPress management plugin by far. I've been a lifetime member since the very beginning (a few years now) and it's one of the best value for money software packages you can buy, if you are running a website development business. I also love that it's self-hosted, meaning that you are 100% in control of security & of MainWP. No surprise fees or price increases. Once you bought it,... Read More...

Alex Kladov

Director at Pro Web Assist Pty Ltd

MainWP is great for managing multiple WordPress sites. It has helped us simplify software installations and updates, backups management, security, reporting and so much more. Big time saver!

Laurence Anthony

Founder at Pixallus

At Tech Warrior we've been supporting small businesses with their website needs for 25 years. We understand that when you are small business you often have a lot of demands on your time. Sometimes you run out of day time (and night time for that matter!) to do things. Having a great set of tools and partnerships that you can rely on is indispensable. MainWP is one of these indispensable tools. It... Read More...

Matthew Green

Founder at Tech Warrior

MainWP has been an essential tool for managing the hundreds of instances of Wordpress we control for our blog network, and our local web agency's client portfolio. The Abandoned plugins/themes feature, combined with the ability to keep everything updated from a single interface was an easy fix for the issue we were having with hackers exploiting vulnerabilities in out-of-date themes and plugins. The... Read More...

Patrick Cookman

Founder at SEO Spin

MainWP has been a valuable member of the WPGeni family for over 3 years. When I started WPGeni in 2016 I was looking for a self hosted solution that could handle all my client website updates in one place. I started off using other platforms, but I found them to be limiting and so once I found MainWP, I was really impressed, particularly that I could purchase a lifetime license for a really great... Read More...

Paul Luxford

Managing Director at WPGeni

I have been using MainWP for over 5 years. The value this plugin has delivered to my business is incredible! I have a good number of WordPress websites scattered with different web hosts and servers. MainWP makes managing, updating, securing and backing up those sites a breeze. You can't beat the price of the base product, it's FREE and their premium plugins are very inexpensive and loaded with... Read More...

Steve Haase

Founder/CEO at SMTP Depot

MainWP is a great time-saver. I can manage dozens of websites from one simple dashboard. I can update themes and plugins so the sites are not leaving potential security breaches. A 2 minute check each day, and that's it.

Andrew H

Digital marketing consultant at GIG

MainWP is a great way to organise and manage themes and plugins across a range of sites. Those core features save hours each week, and with plenty of extensions available, that's just a fraction of what it can do.

Pete W

Web Solutions Provider at Netcentrics.co.uk

Peace of mind Increased workflow Happy Clients More sleep Happy life Thanks MAINWP ????

Jas Sheridan

Business Owner at ShortTech

MainWP is such a great tool to be able to manage all my websites. I provide web hosting and maintain over 100 WordPress websites on a regular basis, and need a quick and easy way to update WordPress, plugins, themes, etc. and manage plugins on all those sites and MainWP is unbelievably useful for this. It's also amazing how the base plugin with much of the functionality is free!

Jonah C. West

Web Developer at Jonah Coyote Design

We have been using MainWP for over a year now and we are more than happy! As a design agency based in Sweden, we have a broad clientele who all expects secure websites with maximum up-time. What we love about MainWP is the ability to overview and manage our client's websites in one control panel. This way we can easily ensure that they all are up to date, backed-up and secure. And thus save us both... Read More...

Torbjörn Hillberg

Owner at West-Tech

MainWP has been a great way for us to protect and optimize our client websites!

Winston Hofer

Founder at Madroit Marketing

We manage 100s of client WordPress sites across dozens of hosting platforms, and MainWP provides a consistent and reliable management interface. Having tried the competing products we are very pleased with MainWP's feature set, support and pricing model.

Jackson Whelan

Founder at Jackson Whelan Digital

MainWP makes managing my client's websites a breeze. I love that it connects with a variety of 3rd party tools/plugins, giving me the choice to use the tools that best serve my needs.

Leanne Mitton

Owner at Norlink

We've been using MainWP for over 2 years now. It's been a huge time-saver for all of our hosting/maintenance clients. We no longer have to log in to individual installs to update plugins and themes. One log-in to rule them all! It's fantastic. The best part, is it just WORKS! We've never had a problem with it, unlike other WP Management services that we hear has problems all the time. The reporting... Read More...

Tom Blake

Managing Director at Digital Roo

Since 2001, our core service has been website design and development. However, a smart business expands its services. Since we build websites, it was a natural addition to add maintenance packages or care plans. I very much prefer the self-hosted solutions for tools that we use, so I was thrilled when I came across MainWP way back in April of 2015. It didn't take long for us to set it up and really... Read More...

Eric Lammers

Owner at Krack Media Web Agency

I had been at another solutions for years but after that company sold to a bigger company in the industry their customer support fell apart. I was looking for someone who add very similar features but with amazing support - MainWP is that! Their customer support is one of the best in the business and they are extremely helpful with any questions you may have. I highly recommend them

Michael Borgelt

CEO at The WP Help

I'm very excited about MainWP. Use it almost 2 years now and it saves me a lot of time. In addition, I find the use of the Uptime monitor and the ability to scan for malware a perfect addition. It is an indispensable tool for a company with dozens of websites to manage.

Jos van Grinsven

Founder at VGWdesign.nl

MainWP enables me to save massive amounts of time I would normally spend manually updating 50 WordPress websites. I am 20 times more efficient using MainWP.

Steve Doig

Web Developer at Doig Website Technology

I have used MainWP to manage maintenance client sites for several years now. The product and company has grown and expanded in its capabilities, ease of use, and reliability. I could never manage these sites effectively, efficiently, and profitably without this tool. Support is always very helpful, timely, and knowledgable.

Paula Gregorowicz

Owner, The Paula G Company LLC at The Paula G Company LLC

Our clients at Ultimate WP Help count on us to keep their sites updated, running smoothly and most of all, secure. Having complete control with the MainWP Dashboard means we can do this with ease. We own our own data (as our dashboard is hosted on our server) yet have the incredible structure and functionality provided by MainWP. I can assign site management tasks to staff without risking the security... Read More...

Jill Sessa

Chief Site Savior at Ultimate WP Help

Dans le cadre de mon activité de freelance web, j'ai été amené à proposer à mes clients d'administrer leur site WordPress en effectuant une maintenance mensuelle (mise à jour du noyau WP et des plugins, optimisation de la base de données, sauvegarde de la BD et du FTP). En comparant les différents outils gratuits ou premium qui existent pour gérer l'administration de multiples sites WordPress,... Read More...

Thibaut Parent

Freelance web at TiPi Com and Web

Thanks to MainWP I can manage my clients sites with ease and confidence. Thanks to the trusted updates, I can automate manual tasks and save a lot of time managing 50+ sites.

Silvan Hagen

WordPress & Digital Consultant at Silvan Hagen - Consulting

I use "mainwp" for some time now, I tried other admin utilities before, but I now know "mainwp" is the best out there. Its very easy to learn and use and packs a lot of free, useful addons. I mange with it all the updates for all the sites rapidly and easily. I recommend it for all developers and business owners who need to manage many sites from one location.

Ronny Vigder


We chose MainWP because it is the most efficient and effective tool large scale Wordpress site management. The tight integration with many of the key plugins we use is a major asset. We tried and rejected several alternatives; used a major competitor's product for three years. We were immediately impressed with MainWP. After a month parallel trial, we migrated completely to MainWP. Our only regret... Read More...

Michael Dumont

Owner/Developer at Clear Sky Technologies

We use MainWP since 2.5 years and are currently managing about 60 websites with it. It's been a pleasure since the beginning and a huge time saver. The automatic report system helps to keep our customers up to date about what we're doing and letting them know we're constantly working on their sites. I can definitely recommend MainWP.

Simon Mayerhofer


MainWP makes it easy to stay on top of the websites you manage. I like that it's not a 3rd-party platform out of my control, but that everything is plugin-based. With other services in the market, you're in the hands of the platform owner and if they decide to not fix an issue or add a feature, you've got to eat that frog. With MainWP, you're in full control. You're the one responsible for the... Read More...

Jan Koch

Founder at WP Mastery

I used WordPress MU to make it easier to maintain multiple websites before getting to know MainWP. Then I no longer use WPMU and can manage all websites from a single panel within the Larbous website. The time savings and the organization of plugins and themes are fantastic. The new interface has enabled an improved view of everything that needs to be done. Congratulations to the MainWP team.

Luiz Sobral

Owner at WordPress and Marketing Automation Specialist

In 2016 I decided to specialise in the field of data protection & privacy, after I had my personal information divulged to a third party the previous year. Prior to that I had been a database and web application developer, where WordPress had always been my CMS of choice. I successfully qualified as a data protection practitioner and decided to evaluate the Data Protection and Privacy legislation... Read More...

Nigel Hellewell AMBCS

Founder at wPUPdate.co.uk

I have been using the MainWP to maintain my client sites. Maintaining and updating client sites has been a breeze. This has greatly improved my workflow and helped me focus more on important things rather than spending time on maintenance tasks.

Mansoor Jadoon

Founder at MJ Studios

I have been using this right from the early days before it was called MainWP and it has simply just got better and better!

Keith Goodwin

Founder/Owner at Super Spun Article

What a great platform for managing multiple sites! All of my sites are now on autopilot. Version 4 took everything to a whole new level. If you are thinking about managing your sites, look no further.

Michael Price

Manager at MarketUS, LLC.

MainWP n’est pas seulement un outil pratique pour gérer des sites WordPress, c’est un outil indispensable ! De plus, le support technique est réactif et efficace. Pour exemple, la dernière mise à jour (majeure) de MainWP 3.x vers MainWP 4.x s’est déroulée magistralement. MainWP is not only a practical tool for managing WordPress sites, it is an indispensable tool! In addition, technical... Read More...

Thierry Ducluzeau

Directeur de projets (Projects Director) at Thierry Ducluzeau

We use MainWP to manage website updates for our clients. With so many different sites, it's impossible to keep track of them all and make sure they're safe and up-to-date. Generally Wordpress makes it quite easy for clients to log in and update themselves, but a majority of people are happy to have it automated. Works perfect and makes us some extra income.

Chris Williams

Founder at Williams Graphics Ltd

It helps me save a lot of time between updates and checks that all my pages are online. It's also free! Thank you very much! Keep up the good work. Greetings

Jose Carlos

Developer at Cadigrafía, publicidad y comunicación

MainWP is a WordPress multisite management tool that totally fits my needs. As a developer I am very concerned with security and flexibility. MainWP is a plugin that you can run on your system directly from within WordPress. It's source code is open and you can easily understand, adapt, enhance or modify what it does. With MainWP you are totally in control. Another advantage is the fair pricing... Read More...

Konstantin S.

CEO at enym - medienkompetenz

MainWP plugin is a huge time saver. It is a must-have plugin if you are managing multiple websites. Highly recommended!


Support staff at WPvivid team

MainWP has changed the way we manage WordPress websites. It has been reliable, and a huge time saver. The pricing is well worth it if you are running a WordPress management business. Even if you are startup, the free version is very generous. After the recent redesign, it is even better. We were using one of the leading tools in the beginning, but always preferred open source. MainWP is the tool for... Read More...

Faizan Shaikh

Founder at Quvor

We manage a few hundred sites on a daily basis, most of them built in WordPress. Having to go into the Admin of each site every single day to look for updates would be literally impossible. With MainWP, that's no longer a need. One dashboard with scheduled checks and a single person to go in, click an update button, and then have MainWP tell you if there's a problem with any of the sites that were... Read More...

Mike Jandreau

Founder at MJJ Designs

We have almost five years with MainWP pushing updates to Wordpress sites. By triggering a site-backup in Wordpress, restoring is a breeze without the hassle with server backups. MainWP has years of proven reliability and trouble-free usage for us!

Johan Olde

CEO at Rackfish Hosting

A few years ago I was looking for a means to manage multiple websites. After some searching I learnt about MainWP and have basically used it ever since. I build and maintain websites for schools and businesses and MainWP is at the core of my business, basically something I simply cannot do without. I'm a 61 year old non-coder and MainWP helps me to run my business successfully.

Steve Stapelberg

Owner at Midweb - Web Design & Maintenance

We are thrilled to have discovered MainWP on our search for the best website management solution out there. The features and unmatched value it adds to our customer service made it the right choice for us, in addition to the friendly and helpful community it has attracted.

Kay Telle Hoel

Managing director at Digitelle AS

As plugin developers we use a lot of websites with different setups etc so we can test our plugins. MainWP helps us manage all our testing and production environments from one central dashboard. It made it really easy for us to simply change the setup of a handful of websites with just a few clicks.

Robert Abela

CEO & Founder at WP White Security

I absolutely love MainWP. It makes maintaining a fleet of WordPress websites a snap. It’s so easy, that once it is set up, there is not much else to do. Freeing up tons of time to roll out new website designs for your clients. But don’t think that the power of MainWP stops at maintenance, with dozens of extensions, it has the power to do so much more... for MUCH less money!

Beau Brewer

Website Designer at Beau Brewer Digital

It just works unlike other site management plugins and services.

Luke Cavanagh

WordPress Developer at Luke Cavanagh

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Donata Stroink-Skillrud
Donata Stroink-Skillrud
President of Agency Attorneys

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